Trip Planning

How to get to Pesca Maya

You have to fly to Cancun, Mexico, and plan your arrival between 11:00 am and 2:00 PM Cancun time. Cancun is serviced by numerous domestic carriers including American Airlines, Continental, and US Air. Direct flights are available from Miami, Dallas, Houston, Newark, Denver, LA and several other cities. Connections from most US cities permit arrivals before 2:00 PM. If you need to do reservations or check availability these are some sites that work fine:,, Aeromexico, Mexicana, American Air Lines, Continental air lines, Last Minute Travel

Customs and Inmigration

Upon arrival to Cancun, first, you will clear Mexican Immigration, present your passport and have your Tourist Card stamped (provided by your international carrier). Then you must fill out the Mexican Customs Declaration Form (available at counters at the airport), you will present it before you exit airport. Next you will claim your luggage and clear Mexican Customs. As you leave customs proceed to the arrival’s lobby.

Transfer to the Lodge

As you get from customs to the arrival lobby, a Pesca Maya representative will meet you to provide the transfer to the Lodge. The drive to the Lodge will take about 3 to 3 ½ hours. Due to the duration of the transfer, Pesca Maya schedules one transfer per day, usually departing Cancun around 1:30 PM. If you arrive early (11:00 am for example), you may have to wait for other guests to arrive before leaving the airport. If there are other arrivals later that day you will depart Cancun immediately. However guests arriving to Cancun after 3:00 PM, may be charged a special transfer surcharge. If the normally scheduled Pesca Maya transfer has already departed for the Lodge. If there are no other arrivals on your arrival day, Pesca Maya will schedule the transfer to your arrival time. The current special transfer surcharge is $300.00 USD per vehicle trip, divided by the number of late arriving guests.

If you arrive to Cancun very late or your flight leave very early on your departure date, we can assist you to find accomodations to overnight in Cancun.

Upon arrival to the Lodge, you will be greeted by resident Manager Martin de la Concha, who will assist you with luggage and show you your cabaña. You will have time to unpack, settle in, and take a swim or even fish from the beach before dinner at 7:00 PM

Upon booking confirmation we will send you our complete PRE TRAVEL INFORMATION PACKAGE including recommendations on what to bring.

We are looking forward your visit!