Looking to catch the big ones? ISLA HOLBOX is the place to go for giant tarpon ...

Holbox Island Tarpon Fishing

Mexico’s Holbox Island is the newest giant and baby Tarpon fly fishing destination in the clear waters near Cancun. Pesca Maya boasts excellent Bonefish and Permit fishing in Ascension Bay and now adds superb Tarpon fishing to our white sand beach flats fishing.Isla Holbox located on the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is blessed with one of the world’s outstanding tarpon habitats. Holbox is a small and virgin island with beautiful white sand beaches, surrounded by a magnificent turquoise colored sea, that is unknown so far by most people.

The Tarpon fishing is year round, but most of the giants have been landed during the summer months.

Here in the shallow mangrove flats you will find abundant baby tarpon and snook throughout the year. But is the migratory fish that make Holbox a unique flyfishing destination.

Pesca Maya day trips to Isla Holbox

You will be transfered from Cancun by our Pesca Maya driver to the village of Chiquila for a 20 min boat ride to the island. Chiquila is at the far northern side of the peninsula approximately 2 hours drive from Cancun. In Chiquila, you will take a water taxi or ferry to cross over the Yalahau lagoon. Arriving to the island you will be greeted by your guide. Our Pesca Maya driver will wait for you to arrive in Chiquila after fishing around 04:00 PM


$ 520.00 USD

per boat (1-2 anglers)


  • Full day of guided fishing
  • Cooler with purified water
  • Sodas
  • Sandwiches, snacks
  • 1 rod with reel per person, fly or spinning
  • Beers can be provided by the guide upon request at 1.00 US per bottle
  • Terminal tackle is not included (leaders, flies, jigs, lures), but available for sale
  • Transportation is not provided, you have to be at Chiquila at 6:00 am to take the first ferry to Holbox.

The giant tarpons are strong adversaries so we recommended that you bring the best equipment that you can. Sometimes tarpons are fished in deep waters so is advisable that your rod are the sufficiently strong to hold this hard fight.

We recommended the following tackle
For Baby Tarpon
  • Rods # 8 or # 9 weight Salt water flyfishing reel with at least 100 meters of backing.
  • WF floating Lines.
  • 9 feet leaders.
  • Class tippet from 16 to 20 pounds and Shock tippet section from 40 to 60 pounds.
  • 1/0 or 2/0 flies.
For Giant Tarpon
  • Rods #11, # 12 weight or bigger Salt water flyfishing reel with at least 300 meters of backing.
  • WF lines with sinking tips or full sinking lines from 400 to 500 grains.
  • 9 feet leaders (see note below).
  • Class tippet from 16 to 30 pounds and Shock tippet section from 80 to 100 pounds.
  • 6/0 flies.

Note: IGFA rules do not allow leaders with “class tippet” section greater than 20 pounds but if you really wish to capture a giant tarpon, do not doubt to use leaders with a greater resistance. It is not recommended to use class tippet section greater than 30 pounds of resistance.

Do not forget to bring with you the following items
  • Polarized sunglases
  • Cap or hat
  • Sun block
  • Bug Repelent
  • Additional flylines
  • Sufficient leaders