Take your Kids fishing

Teaching kids to fish, that's quite a challenge

If you want the little ones to share your passion for sport fishing, we can give you some tips that can work to “get them hooked” and get them to start stealing your rods …

Capture their attention
Don´t go to a place where he be the spectator and you the lead actor. If you want to excite your child with this sport, do not take him along for fishing, but let him fish. Supply appropriate equipment to the child. A boy six years old boy is unlikely to drive a rotary reel to fish for sharks, but maybe a small spinning ree. Also, do not seek your own brilliance, but his fun. Take care of him, without exaggeration, but look out for his wellbeing to make it an overall positive experience, bring: sunscreen, hat, insect repellent and sunglasses.
Start from the basics
Excited by a particular technique, you may think your child should handle it without going through other stages. Big mistake. If you want your child to flyfish, begin to teach him how to catch snappers , catfish fishing with worms, and silverside minnows and with buoys. If you enter the world of fly with a fly rod in hand, you will probably generate much frustration, and he’ll never want to come along again.
Surely, the child will make mistakes (it is the best way to learn) and will not cast properly, scare the fish, make noise , be hungry all the time, set the hook inadequately, retrieve poorly and dozens of errors, which are necessary to be corrected with affection and without shouting or threats. If you are naturally irritable, do not take him out with you. Never insult, or threaten him: show that you can make mistakes too, tell stories…
Help him to enjoy the fishing experience
If a child starts with the sacrifices of many fishing scenarios (wading, long walks, mosquitos, etc.), he will surely produce an association between fishing and the lack of comfort or fishing and pain, he will flee from the sport. Look for comfortable fishing, in spite of catching the large species might be your dream. However, given the particular learning concept for a child, try to find a fishing scenario where, even crappie or catfish, he will be able to catch some fish. Look for boats and a comfortable mid-season climate, with a clean coastline and without too much effort.
Introduce him to the environment
Teach him for example to see the small wonders of nature and to be immersed in a natural environment. Maybe for you it is very common to see a duck or a crow, but it is rare for him. Looking beyond the fishery also generate a parenthesis that loosens tensions in many hours of searching for fish.
Do not force
Do not insist on him to accompany you for a fishing trip. By forcing their kids to fish, many friends only obtained their offspring’s aversion against fishing. A boy’s nature tempts him, normally. If he sees you enjoying it he will enjoy it and when he does, how strange, he will ask you to take him fishing. Once you are fishing, do not push each step as if it were the last time you were taking him. Kids get tired easily and have other time limits. They suffer cold, get hungry, resent the sun and mosquitoes and often are not used to the outdoors, as they spend many hour sa day at school or watching TV or on the computer. Do not force a change of situation and give them time to change their habits without demanding too much.
The game concept is well suited to teach a kid fishing. There is no struggle that the rival must be killed once defeated. It is a game in which we are privileged to have fun. If he doesn’t catch fish, it does not matter. We will have to explain then, why we are not fishing, and find ways to entertain and take advantage of times without hooking anything to show aspects of the equipment and bait. The vast majority of children fully supports the method of catch and release. Let them grow aware of the importance of environmental conservation.
Fishing with your kids at home
During the week, in between your fishing ventures, teach taking care of the equipment, angling literature review (magazines, books), watch some good fishing program on television, talk about the topic, planning the next trip, look at plans and pictures, check the computer (and better, let him guide you in this quest). If your child is not too young, let him touch the fishing gear. The best way to learn includes as many senses put in terms of learning, and touch is one of them.
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